• Leadership

    We are believed that, the reputation and position of the academy as a first Saudi official facility specialized in Soccer would require us to work hard and professionally, so we can keep what we have achieved.

  • Innovation

    The Academy is a dream that has been achieved creatively. We always pursue to communicate with international experts who have a considerable expertise in their fields, and provide innovative and reliable solutions to find and develop talents.

  • Excellency

    The academy is committed to implement the quality standards in performance , as well as to keep up with international development in terms of talent Soccer players preparation. The academy will not be the only one of their kind in the future, so it pursues to stay first.


Academy graduates

Mustafa Bassas
AlAhli FC
Moataz Hawsawi
Alahli FC
Mohammad Fateel
Alahli FC
Waleed Bakhashwan
Alahli FC

Academy Programs:

Physical Program

This program focuses on Physical Fitness of the Football Player in light of the changes that might take place such as:
Age of Player and elements of fitness at this certain age: ( speed, response, strength of muscles, speed endurance, performance endurance, gracefulness, fixed flexibility, flexible mobility, performance accuracy, muscle- nerve harmony, fixed balance, mobile balance, etc, the rest of elements related to football which need development in different periods of time).

Type of the training period: depending on the nature of requirements; preparation, competition or interval between two tournaments or between two seasons.

The level of physical fitness will define the training dosages required and the target goal of each element of Physical Fitness.

Training methods that lead to achieving the goals.
Several exercises are tailor-made to suit different age groups at the academy.

Necessary tools to execute physical training.
Singular physical training programs.

Test measures that are continually performed during the training season.

Skills Program

Football basic skills are the basis of the game within the frame of rules of the game with or without the ball. These basic skills are equally important because the player need all these skills during all the matches. However, not all skills are used in each match, but different skills are eventually needed in different situations.

Based on these facts, the Academy seeks to offer the player the best possible level of skills including individual skills that the player exhibits during the match. This skills program consists of 3 stages:

A) Earning primary harmony: includes teaching and mastering basic skills under easy and simple training conditions.

B) Earning good harmony: includes application of skills and capacities to overcome obstacles that player is to face in the match.

C) Instillation of the performance skills: includes subjecting the player to circumstances identical to those usually occurs during the matches.

In addition to using various training methods throughout the application of these stages such as:

- Sensing the ball exercises.
- Mandatory technique exercises.
- Basic skills exercises and tying them to developing physical traits.
- Basic skills exercise using more than one ball.
- Basic skills exercise through sophisticated training.
- Basic skills exercise through tactics
- Basic skills exercise using equipments & appliances.

Planning Program

Game planning is one of the most important programs at the Academy. The youth learn the following:

- Basic offence and defence plans
- Individual and group plans
- Different play methods
- Moving with and without the ball during offence and defence.
- Creating spaces in the playground and utilizing them individually and in a group.

Psychological Program

This program offers the youth a lot of support on the emotional level that would eventually reflect positively on their behaviour inside and outside the playground. Moreover, it would help the youth to best utilize their energy which will reflect on their performance in the playground and lead them to win golden cups and medals.

These programs are simple and easy- to- digest- programs. They are tailor- made for each age group. In addition to private psychological treatment sessions.

Behavioural Program

This behavior program is a priority at Al Ahly Academy because manners and good behavior are very essential elements for the Academy Management.

Raising the youth of the Academy to behave in a proper and a noble manner in accordance with the following goals:

- Creating a healthy educational environment for the youth.
- Educating the youth about rules of behavior and the importance
of abiding by these rules.
- minimizing the youth’s behavior disorder.
- Encouraging, nourishing and enforcing good manners
- Awareness programs about good manners

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